Parenting is without a doubt one of the most difficult journeys people take in their lifetimes. Even with a myriad of available literature and direction from well-intentioned friends and family, parents still may not have a clear course to effectively navigate through their daily interactions with their young children. So where can parents get a more precise roadmap?

Allow me, Fran Pollen, to join you as you travel through your parenting adventure! My Deliberate Parenting program has helped countless parents track the optimal route for their children’s growth and development. Deliberate Parenting grew out of my passion to support parents with a footprint that is easy to follow and guaranteed to encourage children to thrive throughout the rest of their lives. The program is based on extensive research in early childhood development, education, and family dynamics as well as my professional and personal experience.

You can raise confident, thoughtful, thriving children who bring you pride and joy. You can parent deliberately to make this happen. I’m here to help.

Learn more about the Deliberate Parenting model here and how you can get involved in the Deliberate Parenting community through my services and scheduled events.  For the latest in tips, tricks and musings on being a deliberate parent, check out my blog.