About Deliberate Parenting

Deliberate Parenting in ActionDeliberate Parenting is a comprehensive program, developed by Certified Parenting Coach Fran Pollen, that provides parents with a personalized toolkit of proactive strategies, techniques, and action steps for raising infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The program is based on positivity, intention, and unconditional respect. It imprints life lessons on young children beginning when they are in diapers, nurturing desirable behaviors and providing children with skills that help them thrive throughout their lives.

Establishing your values and beliefs and creating a vision for your family are the stepping stones to Deliberate Parenting. Subsequent steps included in the path to raising children who thrive are:

  • Creating an optimal home environment
  • Facilitating effective communication
  • Instituting positive parenting techniques
  • Acknowledging your unique child 
  • Understanding early childhood development

The Deliberate Parenting approach is guaranteed to help your children become well-rounded individuals with the following characteristics:

  • Improved listening and learning abilities
  • Heightened self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Greater development of their passions and strengths
  • Better skill set to cope with challenging situations
  • Enhanced ability to live productive lives and reach highest potential

Parenting can be extremely rewarding yet very challenging. Coaching in Deliberate Parenting is a valuable resource that builds skills that span the life of your parenting. In addition to the benefits to your children, the program forges deeply rewarding parent-child relationships, giving parents a better quality of life with less stress and more family fun.The ultimate gain is an enriched and healthy legacy for you to pass on to future generations.