About Fran Pollen

My passion for parenting originated in my own childhood where I began observing what drives children’s actions and their parents’ responses. Even before I began my formal instruction in early childhood development as an undergraduate in college, I already had a distinct sense that children would listen best and comply with their parents if they were treated with unconditional respect and they received consistent direction.

For the past 30-some years as an early childhood specialist, I’ve had the chance to reflect upon and refine my thoughts on effective parenting. Through a unique blend of experience as a preschool educator and administrator, professional nanny and certified parent coach, I have had the opportunity to distill the essence of mindful, purposeful parenting and create a comprehensive program of Deliberate Parenting that guides others in their journey to raising happy, healthy, thriving children.

I also live and breathe my program: I enjoy tremendous rewards in my marriage of more than three decades as well as the privilege of raising two sons who are now thriving adults. Seeing my children exhibit profound ability to handle their own challenges and realize their potential continues to motivate me to share the techniques that I have developed.  My husband and I live in the Philadelphia area, where we both are involved in building a strong community and where I continue to strive towards self-actualization by sharing my passion to enrich the lives of parents and their young children.