The core of Fran Pollen’s Deliberate Parenting services includes:
1) parent coaching for individuals and partners in a variety of settings, from in-home to long-distance
2) workshops and presentations for groups at preschools, parenting clubs and organizations, and child-oriented destinations in the Philadelphia area
3) play space consultations for homes and preschools, including evaluation and organization of toys for maximum learning and fun

Services are provided based on your unique needs. Please read below for more details.

Parent Coaching

“Coach Franny is like Super Nanny, only she’s not British and there are no TV cameras rolling (thankfully).” – Kate L., Philadelphia

A good parent coach is a trusted and experienced educator, problem-solver, confidante, role model and cheerleader all in one. A great parent coach is one who takes this role to the next level by coming to you with an organized, easy-to-follow deliberate plan of action to help you navigate the parenting path based on your goals and intentions, no matter where you are on your parenting journey. Fran Pollen (or “Nanny Franny,” as she’s affectionately known by many clients) tailors each parent coaching interaction to the needs and desires of the families she works with, but generally, most coaching takes one or more of the following formats:

  • Parent and Coach Sessionsparent(s) arrange childcare for their children so that Fran and parent(s) can meet to discuss issues and problem-solving strategies
  • Child-Centered Play Sessionssensory-oriented play at your home or Fran’s office; can include parent observation and participation or be arranged for Fran and child only with parent discussion afterward
  • Family Play Sessions constructive activity time for family and coach in your home or Fran’s office; Fran models techniques and mentors parent(s)

As part of a coaching program, or on an as-needed basis, Fran also provides the following coaching services:

  • Phone Conferenceone-hour phone consultations to discuss a specific concern and discuss best actions to resolve situation
  • E-Mail Consultationbrief question and concise response

More parent coaching FAQs here.

Workshops and Presentations

Fran conducts Deliberate Parenting workshops and presentations on topics such as:

  • Effective Communication
  • Creating the Optimal Home Environment
  • Sensory-Oriented Play
  • The Role of the Parents in Educating their Young Child
  • Parenting Tools and Techniques that Work

To contact Fran Pollen directly for further details on her services, pricing and availability, please email or call 215-663-0632.

Fran also hosts facilitated play groups, a parenting book club series, and other opportunities for conscientious parents to come together and learn best practices for their child-rearing careers (please visit the events page for more information on upcoming opportunities to join the Deliberate Parenting community).